เเทงหวยออนไลน์ Launches Online Mobile Casinos

The online casino business has been steadily rising in the recent past. However recent developments and trends suggest that online gaming may suffer setbacks. The statement made by PartyGaming CEO, voicing his concern about the slump, has surprised everybody. Nonetheless, PartyGaming will continue with its new business plans. This is with regard to the launch of a mobile casino at  subsidiary Starluck Casino. Marketing Director of เเทงหวยออนไลน์, Vikas Bhargava said that he was excited at the prospect of exploring the new channel for gaming products. He said that  providing the games through mobile online casinos, would give customers the flexibility to play their casino games whenever and wherever they liked. Starluck is only one among several other online casinos that Will be run by PartyGaming. Despite suffering from a setback, PartyGaming is continuing with its new plans and strategies and it remains to be seen what lies in store, in future not only for PartyGaming but for online gaming as a whole. Onlinecasinoreports:

The plans for the launch of a mobile online casino allows gamblers to play from their mobile phones. It’s seen as a move on the part of Party Gaming to bring some of its online casinos up to date.

Online Poker Giant PartyGaming Loses 1 Billion Pounds

PartyGaming, the biggest of of all poker sites lost 1 billion pounds off its value. This could be a warning to all the players in this field, that there is going to be a possible slump in Internet Gambling. Business on PartyGaming was going through a slowdown as more and more casual surfers were logging in. Earlier there has been large scale investment in the stocks of the site since its debut in the stock market. Its market value had reached more than 6 billion pounds. This amount is much larger than the value of several large blue chip companies like Marks & Spencer also. The value of its stock fell down to 5 billion pounds, recently. The present value of PartyGaming once again is back to what it was at the time of floatation. Thesun.co.uk reports:

A PartyGaming spokesman also said the company was finding it harder to hold on to customers as increasing  numbers of casual punters logged on to its sites. The spokesman for the Gibraltar-based group said: “Against a background of moderating market growth, group revenues are expected to continue to show good year-on-year growth, although at rates lower than the substantial rated previously experienced.”

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