Alberta Gaming Commission Eyes Internet Togel Hongkong Gaming Regulation

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The Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) in Canada attempted to clear up media circus regarding the Province’s alleged interest in I-gaming regulation.

“I guess some of the media had exaggerated and were basically saying that we were moving ahead with that, and that’s not the case at all,” said Stephanie Francis, a spokeswoman for the AGLC. “We’re not moving ahead in any way.”

Various news sources on Wednesday reported that the AGLC had commissioned a poll, conducted via telephone and Internet, to determine how Albertans felt about online gambling.

Francis said that the survey was designed to keep the AGLC “abreast of the gaming industry market,” and that this survey was one of several that the commission regularly conducts.

“We conduct surveys and look for input on a variety of subjects; this is just one of them,” she said.

Francis did suggest, however, that the AGLC was not entirely indifferent to the idea of I-gaming regulation.

“Eventually . . . we’ll look at developing an Internet strategy, but that will be very, very far down the road,” she said.

No preliminary results have been made public; Francis said the survey is still ongoing, and is being conducted by an unnamed third party.

The AGLC has planned to make the Togel Hongkong results public, though no timeframe has been offered regarding their release.

“My understanding is that we will be sharing the results,” she said. “As to how and when, we don’t have any timelines yet . . . eventually, they will be made public.”

Baccarat Drives Macau Casino Gambling Profit

There is no doubt that Baccarat is the most popular game for Chinese casino gamblers. That’s why there are 100 baccarat tables for every 1 blackjack table at most casino halls in Asia. Baccarat game stories dominate the topic of discussion from the early morning to the dinner table – that’s how infectius the game of baccarat is.

Gaming revenue from Macau’s 24 casinos surged 23% to US$6.87 billion in 2006. Macau casinos relied on VIP baccarat, the favored game of mainland high-rollers, for 65% of its revenue.

In contrast, the 39 casinos on the Las Vegas Strip relied on Slot machines for 51% of total gaming win. Las Vegas strip took in US$6.69 billion in gaming revenue last year, a 10.9% increase over 2005 figures.