CHAZ_MAN_C Nets UBOC Championship Win

After making his way through a field fraught with professionals, talented amateurs, and the usual crowd of fortune seekers, Charlie “CHAZ_MAN_C” Combes took the crown in the latest running of the Ultimate Bet Online Championship. This Monster Stack NLHE Event featured a total of 1,032 entrants, each of whom ponied up $1,000 + $50 for their shot at the $1,000,000 guaranteed cash.

The tournament, which beat its guarantee by $32,000, was hosted by Phil Hellmuth and featured such names as Scott Ian (316th) and Eric Baldwin (223rd). Also present was recent ESPN featuree Billy Kopp, who managed to put together an exciting run.

The final hand played out in typical late-tournament fashion, when a face card is all it takes to induce a an all-in call from the short stack. Chip leader CHAZ_MAN_C shoved all in from the button, turning over Qs2s. He was called by TOOCURIOUSSO, who held a stronger hand of Kd9c. The flop went 3dJs6s, giving the the short stack a high-card advantage. The turn, however, was the Qd. A meaningless 5d would fall on the river, granting victory to CHAZ_MAN_C after twelve hours of grueling play.

The final table wound down like this:

#1 – CHAZ_MAN_C ($136,178)

#2 – TOOCURIOUSSO ($95,000)

#3 – VENUSIGNA ($152,000)

#4 – WALLABBAER ($145,000)

#5 – APATHY123 ($56,244)

#6 – WAMMERMOUTH ($45,924)

#7 – MST_MORPHEUS ($35,406)

#8 – 1GENERAL_YAO ($25,284)

#9 – DONRIKY ($17,544)

As you can see, there were some shenanigans in the distributions of top-finisher funds. There was apparently a four way deal, with the third place finisher actually receiving the highest amount of cash.

For an online crypto gambling site still trying to regain its credibility in the wake of cheating scandals and a starring role in a 60 Minutes expose, UltimateBet.com took a big step backwards over the weekend with hand number 1162170993.  It appears that the one and only Phil Hellmuth mucked his hand but still won a $5,599 pot.

When he was made aware of it, UltimateBet’s COO, Paul Leggett, quickly addressed this latest problem on the UltimateBet Blog: “Earlier today we learned about a poker hand where our system paid out the losing player instead of the correct winning hand.  The hand number is #1162170993. We are investigating this software malfunction as our absolute top priority. This is the first incident of this kind we have encountered. We are currently examining the poker system and the application logs in order to pinpoint the cause of this malfunction.”

Other notable finishers included former WPT Player of the Year Faraz “THE-TOILET” Jaka, who was knocked out in 22nd place. Another pair of familiar faces came close to the final table – Craig “MRCASINO” Gray (20th) and Billy Kopp (12th) – before falling just short.

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