Global Player Releases Full Pay Deuces Wild

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Global Player Casino has released a new video poker module which they say offers “unprecedented odds” to internet gamblers. The video poker module boasts twenty-six video poker games, including Jacks or Better, All American, Deuces Wild, Double Bonus, Five Joker Poker, Sevens Wild as well as a full series of progressive machines.

“Our Deuces Wild… offers a 100.76% payout to our players,” said Global Player CEO Giancarlo Bettini.

The 100.76% payout schedule, sometimes referred to as “full pay”, assumes optimal strategic play.

Global Player’s video poker games automatically select cards that may result in a winning hand, which may be helpful for beginners.

Global Player also offers French roulette with a house-edge of just 1.35%, half that of the typical “American” roulette wheel.

Everyone Lost at Player’s Fortune

It’s been a long road for online gamers with accounts at kaya 99 Player’s Fortune Casino as well as for GamblingSoftware.com, the company that developed the site.

Online gamblers’ two biggest fears are sites that offer unfair games and sites that just won’t pay. Instances of these two scenarios are fewer and further apart than the average person on the street would believe, but it happens nonetheless, and the latter scenario occurred with Player’s Fortune (PFC), an online casino that recently went under. More often than not, as in the case of PFC, the operators of the service run out of money, leaving the players high and dry. And more often than not, there’s not much the players can do about it.

Since Player’s Fortune shut down October 26, 2000, customers and players’ advocates have voiced their disgust with the situation, and the target of most of the disgust has been GamblingSoftware.com (GS), the company that created the software and licensed it to PFC.

Last week, GS attempted to appease the angry masses by offering 15 percent payouts to players with suspended accounts. The casino, according to GS, “accumulated an unrecoverable debt to players by offering simultaneous radical promotions targeted to new players over a period of two months.” The result was a bankrupt company and a lot of bitter customers.

GS maintains that PFC, as the owner of the casino, was contractually liable for all player debts under the terms of its license. Upon becoming non-operational, however, PFC did not honor any debt owed to players, including redemptions for players’ original deposit amounts.

GS says that it has honored all deposit redemption requests and that it has since sent out 15 percent of winnings to the 189 players owed as a gesture of goodwill and as an effort to compensate for the funds owed to customers by PFC. The company says it has also informed its remaining licensees of the consequences and risks involved with aggressive promotions, and has implemented more restrictive policies and procedures regarding promotions for all casinos licensing their software.

All parties involved end up losing. The operators of Player’s Fortune have run out of money, GS has absorbed a huge blow to its reputation and the players will likely never see the remaining 85 percent of their money.