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Not all of the slot machine games at Titan Casino online are based on superheroes who leap tall buildings and fight crimes. And why should they be? You don’t always want to be wowed by superhuman heroics and special effects every time you sit down to do some gambling. Sometimes, you just want to laugh. That’s why one of Titan Casino’s games is based on Little Britain, one of the most enjoyable comedic TV shows in recent memory.

Let’s take a look at Little Britain in all its glory – the show, the aftermath and the thrilling slot game experience that awaits you at Titan Casino.

Little Britain On The Air

The Little Britain comedy show began about a decade ago, the brainchild of the comedic duo of David Williams and Matt Lucas. The name is a mashup of “Little England” and “Great Britain”, signifying the convergence of the modern street environment and an upper-class Victorian neighborhood. In their story, Williams and Lucas explored both worlds.

The show began as a special on BBC Radio in February 2004. It was a big hit, and eventually it ballooned into a TV series that ran for several years on the BBC network. Little Britain explored exaggerated characters from all walks of British life – office workers and bank robbers, astronauts, and mental patients. The show was outrageous, inventive, and often quite crude. It was a smashing success.


Little Britain In The Press

Reaction to the show was mixed. On one hand, millions of viewers tuned in to see Williams and Lucas’ antics. They found the show original, dynamic, and relentlessly funny. But Little Britain also wasn’t without its detractors. Especially in seasons two and three, the show was heavily criticized for its objectionable content. Minority groups worried about the effect of the show on racial stereotypes while teachers worried about kids acting out the show’s vulgar routines on the playground.

The Guardian wrote upon the show’s conclusion that Williams and Lucas represented a great success story, but that on the other hand they had abused their fame.

“Rewarding middle-class, educated, comedy workaholics for lampooning people without any of their advantages, struggling on the margins of society – was this where we’d come to, a boorish festival of exploitation and contempt?” the newspaper asked.

But in any event, the show had left its mark on British pop culture. Little Britain is a part of the zeitgeist and it’s only fitting that the entertaining themed slot machines now have a place at Titan Casino.

Little Britain at the Casino

Titan Casino’s Little Britain slot machines with free credit online casino Singapore are perfect for the true fan, as they bring back all of your favorite characters for a trip down memory lane. Catch up with Daffy D, Andy, Lou, Vicky Pollard, and other legends in this game that reprises all of your favorite moments from the show.

This game is jam-packed with opportunities to trigger the unique bonus rounds, where you’ll be able to rediscover great characters and win big money. There’s Vicky Pollard’s “ASBO” bonus, Marjorie Dawes’ “Fat Fighters” bonus, Daffy D’s “Big Gay” bonus and more, plus plenty of extra opportunities to win free cash and pick up extra spins.

Little Britain slots has no shortage of laughs – or chances to win some serious money. Britain might be little, but if the spins go your way, the windfall could be big at Titan Casino.