Pityriasis Alba – Explained by Morpheus8 Treatment Atlanta

Pityriasis Alba is a chronic skin disorder characterized by one or more groups of poorly marginated, pale pink or tan/white patches and plaques that appear on the cheeks, neck and lateral arms of children and young adults. If you are looking forward to Morpheus8 Treatment Atlanta

Pityriasis alba is a common rash that affects the face, neck, arms and trunk of children and young adults. This condition is not dangerous or contagious. This is a self-limited disorder that usually resolves by adulthood. Pityriasis alba has been regarded as a manifestation of atopic dermatitis. It is known to occur in nonatopic individuals. These are completely benign, similar to a mild form of eczema . They are most common in children with dry skin . The involved patches don’t darken with sun exposure the way the surrounding skin does.

Symptoms of Pityriasis Alba

The patches vary in size, usually being a few centimeters in diameter. The color is white or light pink. The scales are fine and adherent pityriasis alba is a mild form of dermatitis of unknown cause. It will clear up after a few months, or in some cases persist two or three years. The colour gradually returns completely to normal. No treatment is necessary, but a moisturizing cream may improve the dry appearance. Pityriasis alba appears as superficial, pale pink to light brown macules with irregular, poorly circumscribed margins. It is round-to-oval in shape and can have slightly elevated borders. The borders of the rash are not clearly visible. The light colored patch seems to blend gradually into normal appearing skin. Sometimes the rash is covered by very fine skin flakes resembling a light dust. Here are the list of Pityriasis Alba Symptom :

Small white patches

Round or oval

Lighter than surrounding skin (hypopigmented)

Flat (macular) or slightly elevated

Slight scaling with very small fine scales (may be present)

Causes of Pitriasis Alba

Pityriasis Alba is a mild inflammatory disease of the skin of unknown cause, but some factors affect Pitriasis Alba which are :

Pityriasis alba often becomes more noticeable after sun exposure.

Unknown. Maybe part of an atopic diathesis.

Possibly defects in melanin production or transfer

It may resemble a fungus infection of the skin, but it is unrelated

Treatment of Pityriasis Alba

One percent hydrocortisone cream available over the counter should be applied once to twice a day to the affected areas.

The condition often goes away by itself after a few months to years.

One percent hydrocortisone cream may also help to make the patches go away a little more quickly.

A dermatologist may be consulted for cosmetic camouflage.

Treatment includes a simple emollient cream.

For chronic lesions on the trunk, a mild tar paste may be helpful.

Treatment is symptomatic. The duration may be notably reduced by appropriate treatment. Ultraviolet B in erythema exposures should be used to expedite the involution of lesions after the acute inflammatory stage has passed

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