Sporting Keluaran HK predictions by Chris Clegg

Keluaran HK

Hope you all got on last time out? Below was the five-way wager of the weekend:

Sunderland to beat Brum @ Evs; Spurs to win at Stoke @ 21/20; Pompey to hump Hull @ Evs; Arsenal to beat West Ham @ 1/5 and Wigan to beat Burnley @ 7/10. The five-wayer pays over £160 for a tenner.

Stick with me, punters, next time this year we’ll be millionaires!!! Or is it this time, next year? Either way, have a butchers at this week’s…

All Square at Old Trafford?

What an early kick-off we have in store on Saturday at Old Trafford as Carlo’s lot visit from London. Of course, this would have been the battle of the sharp-shooters had the Roondog not hurt his ankle in Tuesday’s fight with zee Keluaran HK Germans. Luckily for England fans, he should be back for the summer’s world war. The Drogdog will be playing though, despite the fact that Chelsea really didn’t need him last time out in their demolition of JLS (Aston) Villa. As the booookies predict, this one will be close, closer than close. The draw is 21/10 and I think it’s nailed on.

Black Coffee serving at the Emirates

Down at The Emirates, Arsenal entertain the Wolves, without Cesc Fabregas it would appear. Arsenal without Cesc are like coffee without sugar – it just doesn’t taste right but you drink it if you have to. Arsenal won’t taste very good without their sweet star which is a shame as they also lost their milk earlier in the season. Had van Persie and Fabregas been fit throughout the season, the coffee would have gone down a treat and Arsenal may have just been topping the table. So it’s a strong black at the Emirates which will be suffice to tame the Wolves. Home win @ 1/6 methinks.

Everybody in love?

Up at the Reebok, JLS will be performing as Aston visits the Wanderers. Villa will want to bounce back from their heavy defeat last week but if Bolton put their Marigolds on, JLS will struggle to Beat Bolton Again. Put your hands up if you’re backing another draw at 9/4? The home win is also tempting at 2/1.

Inconsistent Pompey

Down on the south coast, Pompey entertain , well they play against, Blackburn. Away from home, Rovers are about as consistent as my nan’s custard and may just serve up Pompey’s seventh win of the season. Home win here. 21/10 is very generous.

Take a nap at the Britannia

At the Britannia, Stoke could jump above Blackburn into the top ten if they see off Hull. Sorry, when they see off Hull. This is the nap of the day – well, if you watch it you’ll fall asleep. Boring home win at the Potteries (4/5).

Share and Share alike at the Stadium of Light

Up in the North East, Sunderland play host to Spurs and Tottenham can cement their 4 th Champion’s league position with a victory. Having said that, the Black cats have sharpened their claws recently and Bent, Darren, has found his footing once again. So many close encounters this weekend and this one will be no different. Share of the spoils between Bruce and Harry (23/10). Sunderland are 5/2 if you’re tempted by a home win?

Moor Shocks on the Turf

Last but not least on Saturday, Moor football in Burnley as Manchester City are visiting. The home win is very tempting at 4/1 and Burnley fans will be piling in. City are horrendous value at 7/10. The result of this one will depend on which Manchester will turn up. Like my nan’s gravy, City are not as smooth as they should be. A loss on Saturday could see City 5 points off the sacred Champion’s league positions come Saturday evening. A win for Burnley could bring them level on points with safety and “I’ve got a feeling (wooooohoooooo!!!)” that Saturday night will be a good night in Burnley as the 4/1 shot romps home. City will be crocked and shocked: Europa league for the Blues?

The Wicked Witch of West Ham

On Sunday, the not-so-happy Hammers travel up to Merseyside to face the Toffeemen. It has been a very sticky time for Zola of late and events at Upton Park are backing up the assertion that not all world-class players can become successful managers – Alan Shearer can vouch for that. Zola was a wizard on the pitch but is fast becoming the wicked witch of Wham. Many managers are waiting in the wings, claiming “I’m your man” to takeover the Claret-reins. Whoever it may be might just be a step closer on Saturday as Moyes’ men inflict more misery on the Witches of East Ham. (2/5 the Toffees)

Super Sunday

Fulham Fairies flourish

The Wiganers are cottaging on Sunday, Craven thereof. Wigan are thirty goals worse-off than their London counterparts and this will show as Bobby Z and co go to town on their Northern rivals. It’s not often Northerners lose out to Southern fairies, alas this will be one of those days. Big win for Fulham. Get on at Evens.

A Blue visit for the Reds

The last premiership game of the weekend is at St. Andrews and the Blues are handily priced at 19/5 to beat Liverpool. The Reds are a bit like my nan’s cheese sauce: sometimes they look and taste great; other times they are a disgrace, make you feel sick and should never be allowed to be put out on the table…sorry, pitch. Still, regardless of how bad the cheese sauce is, nan’s fans accept it and never tell her how bad it is, which makes the neutrals gob smacked! Rafa guaranteed fourth place a few weeks ago; Liverpool are now 4 points off the position and have played a game more than the team currently sitting there – Spurs. They’ll have played another on Saturday and won’t be any closer as another long shot comes in. Get on the home win at 19/5 to continue Brum’s amazing campaign: they have only lost two games at home through the entire season.

Weekend Wagers

Trebles for Show

Chelsea Liverpool draw (21/10); Sunderland Spurs draw (23/10) and Bolton/Villa draw (9/4). In excess of £300 for a tenner. Oooooooh that’s nice.

Doubles for Dough

Burnley to beat Man City (4/1) on Saturday and Birmingham to beat Liverpool (19/5) on Sunday. £240 back for a tenner. Larrrrrrvely.