The Ultimate in Updo Hair Styles – Explained by Laser hair removal near me West Hollywood

Updo hair styles are basically any hairstyle where the hair is pulled up and away from the face. The most basic updo around is the pony tail, but these styles can get rather elaborate for formal occasions. If you’re tired of simply curling or straightening your hair every day, you may think about trying some different updos to change up your look. The fun and fabulous styles below may inspire your transformation. If you are looking forward to Laser hair removal near me West Hollywood


Simple Updo Hair Styles

You can do a lot more with a pony tail than put your hair back. If you take some time to work with it, you can actually make an array of updos to wear for all occasions. Once you pull your hair back, try curling it into tight curls, spraying each curl with hair spray when it comes down. Then bobby pin curls individually or in sets all around the pony tail into you end up with a curly bun on your head. You can add hair jewels to this if you are going to a formal occasion, or you can let the curls get loose for a simple trip to the mall. Pair this with a set of hot earrings and you’ll look as fabulous as can be.

Buns are also simple up do hairstyles that anyone can do. You do need to have medium to long hair for a proper bun, but all you have to do is put your hair in a pony tail and twist it. Then wrap it in a spiral around the base and pin it down. You may put a scrunchie around the bottom to keep the ends down, depending on how well your hair stays.


Wedding Updos

If you’re a bride to be, an updo may be the perfect look for your wedding. You could do something simple like a bun with curls coming down by your ears, or you could make your hair a little more elaborate. The best thing to do is figure out how you want to wear your veil and then plan your hair around that. This will bring your bridal look to a whole new level.


Prom Hair Updos

For your next prom at school, an updo hair style should fit the bill. You can have your hair braided back in the front and then you can top it off with a curled bun described above. You may also go for a half up, half down look where you use small clips to put surly sections on the top of your head. Plan this before the big event and you’ll surely be a show stopper.

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