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“With poker-mania sweeping the nation, it’s an auspicious time for the roll-out of ThwartPoker. It’s poker reborn and I believe the market is primed for the first-ever twist we offer,” said Daniel Pfeiffer, co-founder and CTO, ThwartPoker Inc. “Our secret is to tap into human nature. People love to outwit others, to anticipate Judi Online what they’ll do and then one-up them, block or thwart them, beat them. Our patented technology dynamically adds this element to regular poker thereby making it something completely new, and at the same time, something completely familiar.” Also of note, because ThwartPoker’s prize tournaments are skill-based, they do not face the legal constraints encountered by traditional online casino games that are built on chance and are therefore considered gambling.

Pricing & Availability

ThwartPoker games Hold’em Blitz(TM) Judi Online and 6 Card Battle(TM) are available for play on the website, . Unlimited multiplayer tournaments for prizes will be available on the website later this month. The mobile phone incarnation of ThwartPoker, Hold ‘Em Poker+ For Prizes(TM), released by Atlas Mobile, Inc. was made available recently on Verizon Wireless and AllTel for a monthly subscription of $2.99. Mobile phone tournament winners are awarded prizes.

About ThwartPoker Inc.

Founded in 2001, ThwartPoker Inc. is a developer, publisher and distributor of interactive card games, and is known for its casual, skill-based class of card games named ThwartPoker. The company offers the next evolution of traditional poker, made possible by its patented software that eliminates the randomness of regular poker — and replaces it with skill. ThwartPoker games are skill-based and therefore do not violate U.S. federal gambling law. ThwartPoker games are played at . A Judi Online version of ThwartPoker for mobile phones is on Verizon Wireless and AllTel, and this was made possible through the company’s licensing deal with Atlas Mobile, Inc. — that has titled the mobile version Hold ‘Em Poker+ For Prizes(TM). The company is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. To learn more about ThwartPoker Inc., go to website.