Cloud Services – Function as well as Attributes

Considering that begin of the decade the real advancements made within the technological world have been the boosting abilities of the web as information storage space and also connectivity. Increasingly more companies are now looking towards cloud associated services as …


And Also My Overall Impression of Sentry Pigeon

A qualified and also certified security professional has practical knowledge as well as abilities in vital areas of computer system, network and also software application security. Plus, he is updated with the most recent techniques of info security.  These courses …


Second Passport Programs Revival Procedure   

There is actually a pair of various scenarios in the procedure of reviving passport. Passport Renewal coming from inside the United States – Form DS-82 (Application for a United States Passport through Mail) ought to be actually submitted to restore …


Converting Quarterly Data into Monthly Using Cubic Spline Interpolation

(Be sure to see this post and related discussion thread at Chamberlain Economics, L.L.C.)

A common problem with time-series data is getting them into the right time interval. Some data are daily or weekly, while others are in monthly, quarterly …


A More Elegant View of the Correlation Coefficient

One of the first things students learn in statistics is the “correlation coefficient” r, which measures the strength of the relationship between two variables. The formula given in most textbooks is something like the following:

where x and …


A Simple Way of Solving Exact Ordinary Differential Equations

Exact differential equations are interesting and easy to solve. But you wouldn’t know it from the way they’re taught in most textbooks. Many authors stumble through pages of algebra trying to explain the method, leaving students baffled.

Thankfully, there’s an …


The Linear Algebra View of Calculus: Taking a Derivative with a Matrix

Most people think of linear algebra as a tool for solving systems of linear equations. While it definitely helps with that, the theory of linear algebra goes much deeper, providing powerful insights into many other areas of math.

In this …


A Simpler Proof of the Bolzano-Weierstrass Theorem

A while back I posted a long proof of the Bolzano-Weierstrass theorem — also known as the “sequential compactness theorem” — which basically says every sequence that’s bounded has a subsequence within it that converges. Here’s a much shorter and …


An Easy Derivation of the Volume of Spheres Formula

Working 2,000 years before the development of calculus, the Greek mathematician Archimedes worked out a simple formula for the volume of a sphere:

Of his many mathematical contributions, Archimedes was most proud of this result, even going so far as …


Gamely Xbox Rentals

Absolutely nothing can be extra aggravating than getting stuck on a level in your preferred game and also you just can’t figure out how to obtain any kind of better. Your player reactions tell you there should be a less …

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